The Mission

It is our mission to produce engine, engine management products and services along with suspension / brake upgrades that will best allow you to enjoy your Porsche on the track and street. I believe the best way to achieve this goal is to provide a useful range of parts that have been tried and proven on the 944 Enhancement track car and on other street/track cars.

I personally believe that if it is worth doing it is worth doing right. That is what led me through the typical upgrade path into the world of sleeved engines and stand alone management systems. If you too want help down that path I will be happy to assist you along the way.

What is 944 Enhancement?

Things have grown a bit since the inception of 944 Enhancement back in 2002. We have additional affiliates and business partners. The core group now consists of myself, a prototype machinist, a CNC engine machining and dyno facility and another location with an alignment rack and heated secure storage. I still believe in the establishing a ‘partnering’ relationship with other firms in the 944 world. Tim and SFR does a lot of fabrication for us, his skills are first rate and he adapts parts to fit the particular needs of any given project. The Lindesy Brothers make some very nice parts and I am also happy to consider them and their products in any projects that we tackle. I have relationships with Ferrea Racing Components, Paragon Products, Racers Edge, IJ Crank Scrapers, Racers Edge, Elephant Racing and others.

The shipping department is Mike the UPS guy who trudges through the snow drifts to deliver and pick up many boxes.

944 Enhancement Philosophy

There are several things that have driven me to this point (pun intended).

First – I truly love driving and working on these Porsches. I find that there is a mental challenge to both aspects of it – driving and prep work. Many folks are centered on just one side on the equation, but I find the balance of both challenges to be fine. I get much more satisfaction driving a hot lap knowing that I am responsible for the vehicle that is doing my bidding. Call it ‘oneness’ but I believe that knowing the car intimately helps me to know what it can and can’t do for me on the track.

Second – I really like helping other folks to enjoy what I enjoy. Really!! In between sessions at the track I am drawn to other 944 owners with hoods up to see if I can help. My enjoyment of a fine running 944 is so good that I want other folks to get the same from their cars.

Third – I also really like teaching, instructing, coaching...whatever you want to call it. I instruct driving with the PCA and that usually results in an appraisal of the mechanical ability of the student’s car. I also coach ski racing in the winter. There is a remarkable similarity between track driving and ski racing. Did you know that a downhill racer can get up to 3G’s of cornering force?!?! - Its all about energy management.

My goal with this site and the 944 Enhancement services is to help all the Porsche owners that want to improve their cars performance and bypass the snake oil that is out there. I have intimate knowledge on how to install and use each part or service that I have listed on this site. So with each transaction, the buyer will be getting more than just a fair deal on a part, they will be getting the advice and instructions on how to get the most from it.

So to wrap it up, you are getting more than just parts at a fair price, you are getting advice, instruction and some guidance on what modifications will actually give you meaningful results– something that I have found is lacking in the Porsche Tuning / aftermarket parts business.



I started my track addition in 1983 with a (forgive me) Honda Prelude. With the right suspension modifications it was a fast ticket around Bridgehampton, Lime Rock, Pocono, Bryar, Summit Point and other Northeast Tracks. I still recommend learning the art and science of track driving with an underpowered ‘momentum’ car.

Of course I then went to the other extreme after that and rebuilt and raced a 1965 Shelby GT-350 for as long as finance would support. As they say - you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear....but you can make a really fast sow’s ear! (Finished 3rd in seasons standings with a limited race schedule)

I have since seen the light and joined up with the very marque that I made fun of back in the 80’s, Porsche. I currently own too many Porsche 944s in various states of tune from a stock S2 cab to a widebodied light weight full house GT track car. I am an active instructor with PCA, BMW and other track event groups.


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